When I started planning how much of my personal life to share on the blog, I had vague plans for this post. The content I was considering would have been different. However, as COVID-19 rapidly spread through Europe and into North America, our plans for 2020 changed dramatically. Businesses closed, travel stopped and life began to look very different.

At this moment, I was supposed to be somewhere along the Dalmatian Coast, enjoying my honeymoon. I thought I would start the #archivedinlove series in a couple of weeks, after we returned. However, this year has taught me how easily we can lose the people we love. That future plans might never occur, because we have no control over outside forces in our lives. So instead, I decided to just start today.

Roman and I got married last year and if you haven’t guessed by now, #archivedinlove is what we used to collate all things wedding related. I will be doing a series over the next year, sharing our proposal, ring shopping, planning several events and more. I can’t say that I’m any sort of expert, although I do love to plan. So if you have any questions (general or specific to us), feel free to ask away!

For now, I leave you with a snap from last week. We celebrated our quarantine anniversary with a floral creation from flower artist, Rosalie Villaneuva (RZY), last year’s cake from Belle Montaniel (Love in Bloom Cakes) and precious time together.

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