Gift Guide: The Host

Canadian Thanksgiving is here and American Thanksgiving will follow soon after. This is the time when sales start ramping up, leading to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and ultimately Boxing Day in Canada. I know deal hunters will be on the prowl, but I won’t be sharing things that are on sale. Don’t get me wrong, a little price cut helps ease my wallet, but after the quarantine period earlier this year, I’ve moved away from deal hunting for a few reasons.

Instead I’m going to be sharing items from Canadian makers or stores. I know we aren’t going to a lot of gatherings and events, but I wanted to share some ideas for hostess gifts that will work at any time of the year.

1. Leopard Print Planter | 2. Leopard Fruit Bowl | 3. Grand Teapot | 4. Room & Linen Spray | 5. Swedish Sponge Cloth| 6. Sparkling Ice Edition Rose| 7. Cozy Cabin Essential Oil Blend | 8. Beeswax Wraps | 9. Tea Towel

Your favourite host will likely appreciate a bouquet, any kind of beverage or some fancy cheese/dip. But If you’re looking to up the wow factor or trying to think what they might be missing in their life, I thought these might be a nice options at various price points!

I found Mima Ceramics through Shop Foli, and wow! Her planters are unique and beautiful, but so are her other ceramics. So I’ve linked both a planter and a fruit bowl above.

Le Creuset’s Grand Teapot is at once classic and modern. It’s a large size, so you can make more than two cups in one go, and the colour options are so fun.

A room and linen spray is a great way to refresh a room. Similarly, a cozy essential oil blend can help set the mood.

Ten & Co makes the cutest tea towels and sponge cloths. Function meets style here, as well as sustainability. Which brings us to the beeswax wraps. These are a way to pack away leftovers, cover dips and wrap up open cheese, fruits or veggies. These beeswax wraps help reduce waste (no more plastic wrap) and come in various sizes.

Lastly, as I said, you can’t go wrong with any kind of beverage, but if you’re looking for something festive and fun, I’m recommending JP Chenet’s Sparkling Rose. It’s pink and has flavours of raspberry, strawberry and cherry. A sweet way to end any evening!

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