Monthly Reads: October

Although there are many picture books listed here, these are only the ones I’d recommend — I read many more beyond these titles. There a good mix of light and serious books here, so I’m sure you could find something you’re looking for.

I had several standouts this month. Lubna and Pebble is about a child who is scared in a refugee camp and creates a friend out of a pebble until another child comes to the camp. Saturday at the Food Pantry gives us a glimpse into the emotional relationship a child, her mother and neighbours have with their food pantry. Both of these are difficult and sensitive realities, but these experiences, though heartbreaking, are so crucial to share.

When I’m Big and Pablo are very cute. When I’m Big has such fun illustrations and was just nice to touch and hold, let alone read. What We’ll Build is sort of like Munsch’s Love You Forever — a love letter to a child, only this one is probably a bit older and a little less on the nose.

Lastly, without a doubt, The Capybaras were my absolute favourite. I don’t think anything will top this book for me this year. Some might not find it as special, but I think it’s hilarious and adorably sweet (and I love capybaras)! Whatever you’re looking for, whether you check these titles out or not, I wish you happy reading ahead!

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