Monthly Reads: April

Like most of Toronto, and the world, I’ve now been at home for nearly two months. In the beginning it was easy to feel as though this time away from work would be used productively. I certainly tried. Yet, as time goes on, it’s harder to stay focused and remain positive or motivated.

As such, it will be no surprise that I am re-reading the Harry Potter series. I was the same age as Potter and his friends when these books were released. I grew up with them. And it’s been many years since I’ve returned to these books, but knowing what will happen — being familiar with the world and the characters — brings a sort of comfort.

This month a friend and I have begun re-reading the series together. As we complete each novel, we will be watching the film. Together while apart.

Similarly, it’s important to have some levity in life, at all times, but especially during difficult moments. So I finally began making a dent on my library books, starting with Ali Wong.

Obviously, more Harry Potter is on the horizon, but I hope there are some other, adult works I can get through during this mentally and emotionally fraught time! Stay safe and happy reading, folks!

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