Monthly Reads: February

I’m a little behind on posting my Monthly Reads for the past two months — as you can appreciate, it’s been an unprecedented time with a global pandemic. Sadly, I only got through one title in February, but it was definitely a great read. You recall my review on Karina Yan Glaser’s The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street. Well, Glaser put out her third installment in September 2019 and I’ve finally gotten around to eating it right up! I believe a fourth book will be coming out in September of 2020 and again, I highly recommend this series for young readers, aged 9-12.

I have to say that Glaser has delivered a feel good piece, three times in a row. As an adult, reading these books, I’m excited to see what the kids are getting up to and imagining what it might be like to live their lives. In a time of unpredictability and turbulence in the real world, this Vanderbeekers’ novel were a delightful escape. I can’t wait to read the next installment!

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