Monthly Reads: March

Two weeks into March, my workplace closed to the public for a few weeks. The City of Toronto, along with several others in North America were shutting down most popular public places to get ahead of a global pandemic and #flattenthecurve.

Of course, before a week had passed, things had progressed rapidly. Before several weeks had passed, my colleagues and I learned, along with many others in our city, that we would probably not be returning to our workplaces until Canada Day had passed.

Naturally, you’d think I would be able to read, uninterrupted. You have no idea how many books I have to read at home. Yet, I can’t seem to calm my mind enough to focus on reading these days. I’m glad I had all four volumes of Monstress. I read volumes 1-3 before, but it has been a long gap between then and the publication of Monstress volume 4, so I was happy to be able to dive into the incredible art of this graphic novel series.

Looking forward to the next volume of this dark, magical world!

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